About us

In 1925, Carl Heinke as a young farmer living in Paradise, California dreamed of making "gold medal quality" fruit juice. Apple orchards abounded in the tiny foothill community making it a n ideal location for natural fruit juice business. With honesty, dedication and hard work, Carl Heinke made his dream come true. His juices were awarded gold medals at the California State Fair.

Generations of Heinkes have been involved in farming. In the early 1900's, Carl's father grew and sold fruit in Northern California. His future father-in-law also farmed using a horse drawn wagon to transport his fresh produce from North Hollywood (Landershim at that time) to the marked in Los Angeles.

Another dream became reality for Carl in 1931 when he and Augusta Bracht were wed in Burbank, California. He brought his lovely wife to Paradise where she worked by his side raising their two sons, John and David, doing all the book work in here kitchen while he hauled apples from the orchards with a horse and wagon.The fruit was sold fresh, canned for stores and bakeries, dehydrated or made into juice. As children growing up in the family business, John and David worded hard to help their parents produce the quality behind the Heinke name.

The Heinke Family pioneered the commercial kiwi fruit industry in the United States, setting out nine plants as an experiment for the State of California in 1960. Five years later their first commercial shipment of 166 pounds brought .80 per pound. Today, fifteen acres produce premium kiwi fruit that is handpicked and handpacked according to size for sale in the United States and overseas markets. John's and David's expertise in farming has proven to be a valuable asset in juice making. They have learned from the ground up that growing conditions, selecting the right varieties and proper handling of the fruit determines the quality of the finished product.

The Heinke's Family is very dedicated and takes great pride in being "America's Premier supplier of Organically grown Concord Table Grapes".